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Back in May of 2013, the band that is The Bannermen formed. From ritualistic combat (not really), followed by celebratory beverages (pre-practice ritual), we formed a bond that will last for the ages.


We consider our sound a hodgepodge of rock and roll, mixed with a dash of social and economic equality, stirred with a splash of nerdiness.


The Bannermen are:


Annie Kelchner - Vocals
Paul Ramirez - Rhythm Guitar / Vocals
Scott Paeth - Drums

George Perdziak - Lead Guitar

Matt Winstead - Bass

We have not always had this line up! Let us not forget our earlier comrades: Javier Escalante on lead guitar (Sept 2016 - July 2019), Matt Greenwood on lead guitar (Nov 2015 - Sept 2016), Matt Thomas on lead guitar / vocals (Dec 2014 - Aug 2015), Ben Pfeifer on lead guitar / vocals (May 2013 - Dec 2014), and Matt Wilhelm on drums (May 2013 - July 2014). Luckily we still love these guys, and they're still shredding and playing here in Chicago and on the east and west coasts!


We're stoked to perform and meet new bands. If you'd like to put a show together, please contact us!

Paul "The Hedge Knight" Ramirez

Fearless Leader. Rhythm Guitar. Vocals.

Very few can withstand the power of the man now known as Paul Ramirez. Forged in the fires of Old Valeria and hardened by life north of the wall, Ser Paul of House Ramirez has survived countless battles and has led sieges all across Essos and Westeros, and has set his sights on the greater Chicagoland area.

- The History and Lore of The Bannermen

Scott "The Beast" Paeth

*the B-E-A-T-S... Drummer.

After wandering the post-apocalyptic wilds as a half-mad loner for decades in his tricked out police cruiser, Scott Paeth was kidnapped by an evil warlord and his army and forced to serve as a human blood-bank, until escaping with the warlord's one armed lieutenant and harem. After a mad chase across the desert and a climactic battle, he resumed is lonely journey through the wasteland. Some time after that, Scott joined the Bannermen. He also enjoys gardening and macramé.

Annie "The Scream" Kelchner

Vocalist. Feminist. Aquarist.

BannerAnn spends her days sunning and preening and her nights prowling the streets looking for trouble. Is she causing it, or looking to pounce on the rabble-rousers to teach them a lesson? We never know - it all depends on her mood! Uptown to bucktown, you can find her yowling with ne'er-do-wells and do-gooders, stalking with the rogues and the en-vogue, and rockin' endorphins with orphans. Assuming her cat will be able to transform her into a super antihero in the case of an unfortunate fall, BannerAnn is often shockingly cavalier when scaling narrow ledges on high buildings. Watch out for this one.

George "The P-Funk" Perdziak

Lead Guitar. Go Getter, Fire starter.

Little is known of his birth, but what is known is that he was raised in a railroad yard populated by retired hobos. Winning his first guitar at age 7 in a high-stakes trivia contest, he quickly learned to play from the legendary BanJoe. Making his way to Chicago, he joined the Bannermen late in the year 2019 after besting the previous lead guitarist in a vicious Whirlyball duel. When not playing, he can be found wandering the streets, setting things on fire and muttering about "the Unicorn".

Matt "Matt Winstead" Winstead

Bassist. Super-trooper extraordinaire.

Matt Winstead... Matt Winstead, Matt Winstead Matt Winstead. Matt Winstead, Matt Winstead Matt Winstead; Matt Winstead Matt Winstead Matt Winstead. Matt Winstead, Matt Winstead Matt Winstead, "Matt Winstead!!!!". Matt Winstead, Matt Winstead Matt Winstead. Matt Winstead - Matt Winstead Matt Winstead. Matt Winstead, Matt Winstead. Matt Winstead.
- Matt Winstead

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